Services and Fees

We wash wool, alpaca, mohair, llama and maybe whatever you are raising. Call us to discuss it. We will weigh your incoming RAW weight and base your fee based on that weight.

For additional information, call 507-437-2786 or use the contact form.

Fiber Processing Fees Price/Pound
First Wash $8.00
Second Wash (if needed) $2.50
Skirting & Sorting (if needed) $21/hour
Machine Picking $2.50
Blending of Fibers (If needed) $2.50
Carding $5.50
Second Carding (if needed) $3.00
Roving no charge
Batting no charge
Pin Draft $3.00



We can wash and refurbish your old quilt batts or supply you with new ones. When refurbishing your old quilt batts, we can also add new wool, if needed.

New wool added = $6.00  per pound

Batts are 30 inches wide

Several quilt batts ready to leave Minnesota Woolen Mill

Four quilt batts ready to go out, from Minnesota Woolen Mill, June, 2018