About the Sheep and Shepherd

Where It All Began

The boys coming to get petted after a winter storm

Tom Yates is an electrician by trade. He needed a safe and natural alternative to peroleum (gasoline) based materials used to make socks sold in many retial stores. These materials, such as acryli and nylon, melt, stick to your skin, and thus burn you when ignited by heat, spark, or fire. Natural fibers, on the other hand, will not support combustion. Natural fibers do not melt to the skin and have to be surgically removed.

Tom created the “sock” yarn with all these fibers in mind – natural fibers, safety, comfort, and all season.  The socks are made of 1/3 wool, 1/3 alpaca, and 1/3 mohair. He raises his own sheep and uses the wool in this mixture. He sources the other fibers from local producers.

About The Sheep


Minnesota Woolen Mill is home to a flock of 18 sheep, of the breed HI-5. This breed was developed by Lee McKevely in Caledonia, MN who worked for 30+ years to develop it. The breed is called “HI-5”. Only pure flock left in the world. Fiber is a medium to medium fine, depending on ewe and which bloodline it is from.

Wool from my sheep IS available in raw, washed, or roving. Fleeces can be “Pre ordered” before shearing. Please contact me for ordering HI-5 wool.